Anyone can fix it in post;
we get it right in production

Hi there, we're Mad Hat Productions.

Over the years, we've built a reputation for our ability to produce narrative and documentary style videos, animation and social videos, all either on site or in studio.

From storytelling, to production, and post-production, we've stayed on the forefront of creating innovative, multi-genre content that provides clients with a unique opportunity to engage their audiences through dynamic video content.

In 2023, Mad Hat Creative was acquired by Ammunition, Atlanta's fastest growing independent advertising agency, and renamed as Mad Hat Productions. Together, Mad Hat Productions and Ammunition are uniquely equipped to solve business challenges on behalf of the brands we serve, seamlessly turning concepts into execution – no matter the medium – all in-house. This allows us to provide our clients with a truly integrated, end-to-end experience that now includes incredible video and content production capabilities.

Learn more about Ammunition here, or reach out and let's get in touch to start talking about your next project.

Discover the method to our madness.