Anyone can fix it in post;
we get it right in production

Jonathan Hayes

Partner & Director

Jonathan’s motto is “Embrace Badassery,” and he’s been doing just that since he was a kid.  A self-taught editing virtuoso, he won five Emmy Awards while still in college.  His most badass achievement is starting Mad Hat Productions, where you can find him working on some pretty awesome projects. 

When Jonathan isn’t editing, directing and producing, it’s a safe bet he's with his family. Fully embracing the badassery of domestic bliss, he often spends hours training his dog… and futilely trying to train Sean’s. Drop in on Jonathan today and let him embrace your badassery. Wait, that came out wrong…

Sean Brown

Partner & Director

A Renaissance man of production, Sean does it all. Directing? Check! Editing? You got it! Visual effects? Bingo! Graphics and animation? Duh! Catering? Well, no… you got us there. Sean’s talents have earned him multiple industry awards, including five Emmys and two trips to the Cannes Lion Festival.

When he’s not directing, editing and animating, Sean can be found working out. Okay, you got us again; sometimes he does it all simultaneously. He’s that good! Of Sean’s many passions, his favorites are being a family man and dog dad to a Bernadoodle that you might just meet in an edit/graphics/work-out session.

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